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Imagery & Affirmations – The Power of Now


You are developing your personal will force by practicing keeping your FOCUS in the Present, Here and Now.

Your will power must become strong enough over time so that you will no longer lose consciousness to your habits of mind or to lower frequency feeling states like fear, doubt, worry or anxiety.

Negative feeling states are always involved with imaginings about your past or the future.

Learn to dissolve past attachments and release your energetic connections to the past through being in the present moment. This will greatly increase your energy level!

To fully embrace today’s unique opportunities for experiencing life and self expression you need as much of your Consciousness in present time as possible.

Releasing and forgiving things in your past frees you to create in the present moment.

You must free your sense perceptions and develop your powers of observation and become aware of how you are investing your energy on a daily basis.

The quality of your Consciousness determines your future and your degree of Presence determines your Consciousness. For your life to get better you must get better!

Practice releasing your resistance to what is and being in the present moment.

A daily meditation practice can be helpful for releasing resistance to what is.

Other means of relaxing into present moment awareness and allowing what is include: being aware of your breath, being in nature, listening to natural sounds, listening to music (especially stringed instruments and the flute), different forms of fluid movement and exercise, bodywork, massage and energy work.

Join me for Imagery & Affirmations ~ Success Tools for Healing and Attracting Your Desires – Your Fourth Action Step – Gratitude.

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