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Your Role in PC Security

Our computers are exposed to a lot of cyber threats. These threats are not only annoying. Some of them are even malicious. They do not only exist online. Our flash drives, hard drives and CD drives could have them too.

Among these threats are popular viruses, Trojans, spyware, worms, and the other less familiar threats, such as keyloggers, rootkits and hackers.

How do they affect your computer? These threats infiltrate in your system resulting to a loss of your data. Others even rob you off of your personal details. Your PC could also be part of a botnet that attacks other computers. The worst that could happen is that these threats could ruin your computer.

The things that you do in your PC largely determine your PC security. This includes the websites you visit, the programs you download and all other things you do with your computer. In other words, you are the prime factor in protecting your PC.

This article will you give tips on what to do so you can avoid doing any harm to your computer.

Free Antivirus Programs

Malware threats come from online sites, especially through email communications, software downloads and questionable websites. Your PC will mostly be penetrated by these threats when you do not have an antivirus because surely, your system will get infected and you would have to shell out lots of money trying to get rid of it.

Windows Defender and other free antivirus programs are not enough to protect your system once the threat has gotten in. These free security products do not block the newest and most vicious threats because they lack reliable firewalls and anti-phishing tools.

Bad or fake Websites

What are these bad websites? These are the phishing sites, fake online shops and charity websites, and pornographic sites. Together with these sites are malware threats that are impossible to remove since no amount of PC security software can protect your PC from these threats.

These sites are designed to lure you into visiting them, not knowing that equipped with them are threats that would ruin your system. In fact, those who write these malicious codes are expert criminals. They constantly try to infect what your internet security software is trying to protect.

Illegal Downloading

Most of us take advantage of what is free even when it is illegal. We are easily attracted to free downloads not knowing the risks we could be facing. The most downloadable free items available online are music and software. Most people often make music downloading a hobby or something to do at leisure time.

However, these downloads are not only illegal. They, too, make your system vulnerable to malware attacks, such as spyware, viruses, adware, and the worst of all, identity theft. These cyber criminals use the information they obtained from your system for their other illegal activities through Peer-to-Peer Networks (P2P).

These are the reasons why you, amongst everything else, are the biggest threat to your computer. The security of your PC lies in your hands.

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